Building a club: Oakwood’s Architecture Club

Oakwood’s long running history of competition is represented in a collection of past entries; the school has competed in the AIA competition for over a decade.

While all people have heard of Oakwood’s well-known Speech and Debate or Academic Decathlon teams, there are some lesser known clubs that exist within our walls and student base. One of these is the Architecture Club.

The Architecture Club was founded approximately 13 years ago, when Scott Zipperian taught an architecture based class. As an exercise in the material, they would take part in the Architecture Institute of America’s competition, which included using AIA class resources and provided a chance to learn in another environment. When the curriculum changed and Mr. Zipperian no longer taught an architecture class, the club became completely independent, meeting on an as-needed basis with a large amount of individual work.

The competition is held from December to March annually. “The contest goes over design and technology, and at the end they give prizes and scholarships and do an awards review,” Mr. Zipperian said.

Open to grades 9-12, the club also is involved with colleges with architectural programs. In the past, the club has talked to students from Miami University.

“We do a lot of things like designing buildings,” Nathan H. (9) said. “It’s interesting, because it’s different from almost all of Oakwood’s other classes.”

With a multitude of activities included in the club’s roster, there are just as many reasons for people’s involvement.

“Mr. Z makes it all really entertaining, and it’s a great opportunity for those interested in going into the subject in the future,” Abi D. (11), a second year member in the club, said.

By Paul O’Neill


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