Sandy sweeps eastern coast

As Hurricane Sandy begins to wind down, the damage still lays behind. President Obama and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, “toured the disaster scene together looking and talking like a mutual admiration society and giving the distinct impression that they believe a national emergency is far more important than a presidential campaign.” according to the LAtimes.

With warnings of Hurricane Sandy beginning as early as October 27th, days before the brunt of the storm, the East Coast urged areas in the path of destruction to evacuate.

Hurricane Sandy, deemed “worse than Irene” by, has claimed at least 74 lives in the country alone, and 65 more from islands across the Caribbean as of Nov. 1, according to Though disastrous to some cities, its loss is incomparable to hurricanes such as Katrina that devastated New Orleans, LA and took 1,833 lives, according to

“My friends in Virginia had their cell phone towers blown down, so now I can’t even text them.” Johnny T.(11) said.

Though Washington, D.C. went largely unfazed by Sandy, government buildings and train services were still forced to evacuate, according to the New York Times. Damage was limited and the city returned to normal by Wednesday, Oct. 31st.

In preparation for the storm, Boston public schools were shut down on Monday, October 29th, and employers were urged to allow the employed to work from home, according to

“Boston College was closed down for a couple days because of the storm.” Naomi T.(11), whose sister attends the college, said.

In New Jersey, a dam broke, potentially trapping 20,000 on the coast, according to

Henry B.(12) said that his cousins were hit by the storm while they were, “at their home, about 2 hours off the Jersey coast.” Though they were spared from the flood, they lost power for four days.

Some cities still remain underwater as of Nov. 1st, mostly along the costs of the New England states in low laying areas.


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