Inkblots competition rallies newcomers

Eyecandy: Floating Face by Shadow W.(12) retains an original value that is the basis of much of his art. Contesants are able to submit and upload their art to the Inkblots website.

Inkblots, the high school literary journal, has developed the identity of an abstract club that is composed of the schools most creative and inspired talent. At the start of this year the club has launched a competition open to all students that helps them better express themselves through their art.

“It gives kids a place to express their creative ability and allows them to be recognized by their peers,” Colette B.(12) said.For those who are not already familiar with the group, Inkblots is a literary arts journal that displays student artwork, photography, short stories, and poetry.

The composition of Inkblots consists of the schools most artistic talent such as Colette B.(12), Katja M.(12), Emma H.(12), Rebecca D.(12), Jack B.(12) and Ellen G.(12).

Those who choose to enter the competition submit their work to Mr. Martin who can post it to the Inkblots website. The purpose of the competition is to introduce new potential members to the club.

“Inkblots has retained a relaxed environment and this competition will help introduce the clubs vibe to other students, and since most of our members are seniors it will be nice to get newer ones,” Colette B. said.

The club meets Wednesdays at lunch in Mr. Martin’s room where students present, discuss and work on their art.

By Colin Mackintosh

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