Lightsaber Kids: A new hope for lunchtime

Taylor B. (12) and Kenny D. (12) engage in a confrontation at lunch.

Lunchtime is a busy time for many kids. Some go home or out to lunch, many stay at school to go to clubs. However, some kids like to partake in alternative activities.A group of Seniors, Peachy and Fishels fight with lightsabers during lunch. If you don’t have a lightsaber they allow you to fight with any piece of plastic.

“Purely for the entertainment of the people” said Taylor B.(12).

These battles involve rough play and a lot of one on one fights. Some members choose to include battle cries when facing others.

“A group of seniors still with a childlike innocence” said Shadow W.  (12).

The group is solely for enjoyment, they don’t keep a schedule of when the fights take place. Peachy and Fishels allows kids to live out their own fantasy, even if it’s only for a hour at lunch.

“We’re just a bunch of nerds who don’t give a darn” said Kenny D. (12).

By: Drew Lipowicz

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