A dramatic duel

David M., 11, and Callia T., 9, rehearse the choreography at a meeting for all involved in the swordfighting scenes. Photo courtesy of David Mudry.

When a centuries old tale begins production, things go differently each time. Sometimes, it’s the addition of big name stars; other times, it’s a change of backstory. This time, it’s the addition of painstakingly choreographed sword fights.

However, such an addition will not be without cost.

“Until you get used to it, it’s pretty difficult,” Rachel F., 11, said. “Once you get into the swing of it, though, it feels natural.”

The members of the cast that participate in the sword fights have worked long hours, led by an instructor and student leaders Shadow W., 12, and Callia T., 9. After meeting up to multiple times a week for three hours at a time, the group has moved from the basics to more advanced techniques.

Those involved with the lessons are optimistic.

“I enjoy the sword fighting,” David M., 11, said. “I think that the fights should add a lot to the finished product.”

Particularly difficult are the binds, a technique where two swords lock and twist until one is disarmed. Also included in the choreography is a variety of rolls and tricky swipes at the opponent, mastered over the dozen rehearsals that took place before the play.

“It’s going to be an exciting show,” Shadow W., 12, said. “It’s more engaging than any show we’ve put on before, and it’ll really blow the others out of the water.”

The production of Romeo and Juliet has been in production for 5 months, and will be put on November 8th, 9th, and 10th.

By Paul O’Neill



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