How awesome is Awesome! Yogurt?


Ali Lamb (12), Awesome! Yogurt employee, works behind the counter. A selection of toppings for the frozen yogurt is available for customers to choose from, after adding toppings the dessert is weighed in ounces and the price for the frozen yogurt is calculated.

Awesome! Yogurt opened in The Shops of Oakwood less than two months ago and is getting mainly positive feedback from OHS students.

“It (Awesome! Yogurt) is pretty good but they need more toppings like Bag Frog and Yogurt Mountain do,” Sierra C. (10) said.

Since there are many frozen yogurt shops in the area such as Yoba and Yogurt Mountain at The Greene and Bad Frog on Brown Street, Awesome! Yogurt has plenty of competition. However, its location is very convenient for most Oakwood students. Students also like the frozen yogurt, toppings, and interior of Awesome! Yogurt.

“Awesome! Yogurt is my favorite frozen yogurt vendor in the area, I like the different flavors and the texture of the yogurt,” Alex F. (10) said.

At Awesome! Yogurt the flavors get switched out periodically, therefore there is always something new to try. A couple of flavors that were there this week was Red Velvet Cake, Apple Pie, Cheesecake, and Peach Mango. To put on top of your frozen yogurt there was a variety of fruit, chocolate, cereals, and even different sauces to top your frozen yogurt with.

You do all of this yourself and choose how much or little you want of anything provided, it costs 45 cents an ounce. The yogurt was a little runny but for the most part creamy, like soft serve ice cream.

In the front of Awesome! Yogurt’s shop Alex and Sierra sit facing a huge abstract painting enjoying their yogurt. The design of the shop is very convenient and contemporary, matching the trend of frozen yogurt that has become popular in the last few years.

Oakwood students enjoy the addition to The Shops of Oakwood and although the establishment is fairly new, it seems successful with the youth of Oakwood.



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