Far Hills development debuts new line of businesses

The store lights of the new development light up the once dim vacant lot at the corner of Far Hills and Dorothy Lane. 

The summer brings a new wave of businesses that try to cater to the money of many Oakwood students, burning holes in their pockets throughout the hot summer days.

The new development at 3000 Far Hills Avenue is the foundation for many new innovative businesses, including that of entrepreneur, Naomi Fogel, the founder of Awesome! Yogurt.

“It’s important to continually rejuvenate your community, and I think that this [development] has done a good job of bringing in something new and fresh businesses into the area,” Fogel said.

A number of other new business plan to open their doors to the public, including a bakery, a pharmacy, and a dry cleaners.

These upcoming new businesses will slowly help pay for the 2.2 million dollar price tag that came with the new development. Not only will Ashford Construction, the developers who constructed 3000 Far Hills, receive rent from their tenants, but “It could potentially offer more job opportunities for more Oakwood students and adds convenience,” teacher Britt Platt said.

Fogel’s business has contributed its own share of consumer spending but not entirely to the teenage target market that she had intended.

Fogel said,“I’ve been surprised because a huge amount of Baby Boomers come [to Awesome! Yogurt]…because they recognize that it has less fat, less calories, probiotics that are good for your digestive system and helps with your immune system”.

By Colin Mackintosh



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