Haunted hallways of Ghostwood


This flyer is posted around the building. Zombies, smoke, and gore are all things that will be included in the Ghostwood haunted house. Rachel F, a volunteer, expressed excitement for the event and hopes for it to be successful enough to become a tradition.

On Saturday, October 20th, the Oakwood High School building will be transformed by students into a dual Halloween celebration complete with creepy classrooms and an enchanted castle brought to life with eerie and creative decorations.

The Oakwood Arts Bridge will conduct the haunted house from 6 to 9 p.m. It has been designed to accommodate both young children and teens looking to experience the holiday with their peers. The “creepy classrooms”, located on the third floor, are designed to entertain children from the fourth grade on. For children ages Pre-K to fourth grade, an “enchanted garden” area is offered in the West Gym.

“I was approached near the end of the summer and was told about the idea,” Shadow W.(12) said, “I was chosen for the Mad Scientist classroom. [Visitors] will see monsters and mutants, horrific lights sound and smoke, pure madness. I can only hope it’ll frighten and believe it will.”

The “creepy classrooms” will range from poetry time inspired by Edgar Allan Poe to zombies and science experiments.

Events in the enchanted garden/castle plan to include games, storytelling, and volunteers dressed as fairy-tale characters.

“I’m dressing up as the Big Bad Wolf from the story Red Riding Hood, but its mostly going to be princesses, witches, fairies, or any other creature.” Rachel F.(11) said.

This will be the first year of Ghostwood, but coordinators hope to continue the event as a High School tradition every Halloween.

“I don’t know if there will be a big turn out, it is sort of an experiment,” Fisk said. “We aren’t sure if twelve people are going to come or one hundred. The turnout this year is really going to determine the possibility of it occurring in years to come.”

By Megan Reynolds



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