Enter the dome

Emily Gallion (10), Beatriz Goder-Reiser (10), Lauren Tom (10), and Anastasia Schauer (10) socialize during lunch period. Tom transferred here from Colorado Springs, CO. Tom plays libero on Oakwood’s JV volleyball team.

Along with many international students, we have many new students from a little closer to home.

Lauren Tom (10) moved to Oakwood from The Air Force Academy of Colorado. Her military father, Lieutenant Colonel Tom, relocated to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

“Compared to my old school, the people are really classy here. It’s also bigger than my old school,” Tom said.

Tom plays libero on Oakwood High School’s Junior Varsity volleyball team

“I’ve made a lot of friends on the team. The people here are really nice,” Tom said.

Compared to her old town, Oakwood is completely foreign.

“Oakwood is really different because it’s all one community and I’m not used to knowing everybody,” Tom said. “Thanks to everyone for making me feel so welcome.”

Princeton Poteate (11) moved here from Wayne High School in Huber Heights. His family moved to Oakwood for education. Poteate plans on playing basketball for Oakwood High School in the winter.

“Oakwood’s small and easy to get around,” Poteate said.

Eric Morris (10) used to live in Troy, Michigan before moving to Oakwood. His family moved here for his dad’s work. Morris plays football for Oakwood High School, but also plans on joining the wrestling team and the lacrosse team. Morris enjoys playing sports and hanging out with friends.

Morris said, “I like Oakwood because it’s small and you know everybody”.

By Adam Koenig



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