Bells Out: Blown out amplifier stops bell schedule

The bell amplifier blew out during seventh period on Monday, September

24, and was not fixed until Wednesday during second period. In the

meantime, students had to go back and forth to classes without bells.

Though teachers and students didn’t know exactly when the bells were,

students were generally able to get to classes on time.


“I haven’t noticed any uptick in late passes,” Barbra McCay,

Attendance Administrative assistant, said on Wednesday.


Chuck Kulhanek of Cop Systems replaced the sound system amplifier

during second period on Wednesday. The new amplifier is quieter than

the old one, however, so adjustments to the sound still have to be



Not having a sound system was a challenge to the office. The telephone

system backs up the sound system, according to Kulhanek and to Viki

Roberts, secretary, and Roberts worried about having an actual

emergency while the sound system was out.


“The only thing that really scared me was if we had to make an

announcement in an emergency,” Roberts said. “You guys do a good job

of getting back and forth to class.”

Chuck Kulhanek of Cop Systems fixes the amplifier in the bell
system during second period on Wednesday. The bell system blew out on
Monday during seventh period, and no bells rang during the school day
on Tuesday.


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