Remembering Scott: Memorial service brings together community

On a sunny September day, a hawk circled above jerseys and memorabilia, watching as a crowd of mourners gathered to remember alumni Scott Harman (‘10). The hawk continued to circle the mourners throughout the ceremony, long enough that some spectators saw it as sent from Harman.

Harman passed away 10 September.  He had a long standing condition where his heart was too large for his body.

His funeral was 15 September, with a huge turnout from friends and community members. He was a junior at the Ohio State University studying Golf Management when he died.

“Everybody was really taken aback by how sudden it was,” Henry Blattner (12), who played baseball with Harman during Harman’s senior year, said. “The whole community was feeling the same pain, so we were able to help each other through it.”

Classmates Liz Rassmussen (‘10) and Ben Roess (‘10) sang “Opportunity” as a memorial at the service.

“He was a role model figure,” Taylor Burke (12) said. “His attitude as a person was just incredible. Being around him made you feel better.”

However, while many people in the senior class knew him, not as many underclassmen are affected by Harman’s death.

“I know that everyone is sad about what had happened, but it definitely affected some people more than others,” Shannon O’Connor (11) said. “A lot of the juniors didn’t know him very well.”

A similar sentiment came from the sophomores.

“I’ve only heard occasional things about it,” Ren Long (10) said.

Though underclassmen are less affected, the seniors still remember. Several members of the senior class plan to wear blue shirts to the Homecoming game Oct. 5 in remembrance.

Said Blattner, “Any way to remember Scott and come together as a community is a good thing.”

By: Lee McClory

Community remembrance: Community members listen as Jeanne Harman,
Scott Harman’s mother, speaks at her son’s memorial Saturday,
September 15. Many friends and family have come together in the
Oakwood community after Harman’s sudden death. Harman died of a heart
condition 10 September.


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