2012-13 Student Council Reps Named

Student Council 1st meeting

Next years’ sophomore student council members Will Beyer, Ellie Randall, Alex Fester, Madeline Sanford, Ben Baker, and Spencer Aidt wait for their meeting to begin.

Student council election results, in order of grade level, for the school year 2012-2013. Congratulations to all of you!

Christian Gray – President
Mark Kravitz – Secretary
Henry Blattner – Treasurer

Senior Council Members
Kaitlyn Edwards, Ben Gallitin, Taylor Morrisey, Sam Stanley, and Jackie White.

Zack Joseph – President
Rachel Neff – Secretary
Tommy Lane – Treasurer

Junior Council Members:
Kinsey Barhorst, Patrick Ireland, Mackenzie Lahmon, Eric Krebs, and Sam Tatham.

Kate Skardon – President
Zoe Papadis- Secretary
Spencer Aidt- Treasurer

Sophomore Council Members
Ben Baker, Will Beyer, Alex Fester, Ellie Randall, and Madeline Sanford.

Brett Wedding – President
Abby Eifert- Secretary
Evie Armitage – Treasurer

Freshmen Council Members:
Elaina Echevarria, Emma Flanagan, Ally Ross, Emma Kate Sowder, and Aubrey Wagner.


By Lee McClory and Grady Fultz


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