War destroys plans

The well built in Uganda makes the lives of many children and adults easier and gives them clean water to drink. “It is such an accomplishment to see these children’s smiling faces and to know that we helped bring their happiness,” said Caroline F., “I just hope we can bring about many more smiles while I’m part of this organization.”

After finally raising enough money to build a well for the people of Uganda, the crew of Us.international set a new goal to host a run-a-thon and raise more money for another well. Just knowing that the lives of the Africans were significantly improved by the single well pushed the club to help even more third world countries without water.

Unfortunately, an emergency meeting interrupted their plans for the fundraiser. Members of the group said that they were afraid about why the meeting was called.

“I was concerned over what the meeting was about,” Henry B. (11) said, “I thought we were in trouble.”

The meeting was called to inform the members of a war that broke out in Sudan, which called for a change in plans in their run-a-thon fundraiser. A run-a-thon is a run designed for a groups of students to run laps around the track and will raise money by sponsors donating a certain amount money to a runner for each mile they run. This was previously planned in hopes to raise money for a well to be built in Sudan, but it had be cancelled because of the war and another fundraiser would be held.
“It stinks that we can’t do the runathon, but it is even worse that we can’t provide Sudan the water they need,” Katherine A. said. She hopes that even though they aren’t doing to run-a-thon they can still raise money to build a well for another country in need.


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