Dayton Area Drug Survey

On Wednesday, April 17th, all students at Oakwood partook in the required DAD survey during 3rd period. The morning schedule was changed to decrease the impact the time needed to take the survey would have on the classes. The survey asked questions about how often, if at all, the taker has used alcohol and several other drugs including marijuana, inhalants, and heroin.

According to Peggy Holton, the intervention and prevention counselor, through an email interview, the results are used to: “identify drug trends; inform our district’s prevention and intervention efforts; support applications for funding; compare our students with other students, both locally and nationally; and, plan curriculum.”
To be sure that the results are as accurate as possible, “the researchers throw out suspect answer sheets — there are certain questions that indicate one’s honesty or dishonesty in answering.  The results are also similar to data collected by other surveys like Monitoring the Future,” Holton said.

Monitoring the Future is another survey similar to the DAD survey given to other schools like Oakwood.

Students have a different perspective on the survey.

“I thought it was unnecessary but it was nice to get out of school,” Junior Leo Schenk said.

Junior Jack Bachman felt similarly, “How much is [the survey] going to help our education? Not at all,” Bachman said.

Although students were not excited to take the survey, they did feel as though they could be honest.

“I didn’t need to lie because I don’t do anything.” Junior Shadow Woolf said. “I felt like I could be honest but it’s not really a survey that matters.” Bachman said.

“We will have the results of DADS in early June and  our local results in early fall.  The next survey will be in 2014.” Holton said.


By Lee Leboeuf


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