A magical night in Dayton

Zach H. (12) was voted prom king and later shared a dance with his queen Emily B. (12).
Photo Courtesy of Easterling Studios.

On Saturday, April 21, The Dayton Art Institute was the host of Prom. The prom committee had been planning for long time to accomplish a great night. The Committee consisted of the senior student council members and Mr. Oakes.

This was the last dance and Prom for the graduating class of 2012, but it will not be forgotten.

“Prom was really fun. It was definitely the best dance I attended at Oakwood,” Logan M. (12) said.

During the dance was a proposal. Lora Rhodus was getting the crowns ready for the Prom King and Queen when principal Paul Waller told her to watch the door. She walked over to the door and saw a picture of photos of her spelled out in, “Will you marry me?” After she saw it she looked down and Brad Sheppard was on one knee at the bottom of the stairs.

“I told Ms. Rhodus to watch the doors. She walked to the doors and her fiance was there,” Paul Waller said. “Her fiance had asked me beforehand if he could propose at prom.”

During prom the King and Queen were announced. Emily B. (12) and Zach H. (12) won and shared a slow dance.

The dinner was a buffet style meal. There were chicken, potatoes, green beans salad, and dessert. Dessert consisted of mini cupcakes, brownies, and baklava.

“Prom was really fun it was a lot better than Homecoming, Turnabout, and the Techno Dance,” Logan J. (11) said. Logan attended Prom with Josie D.,  one of a good amount of Sophomores who attended Prom. The two attended the dinner, dance, and after prom.

After the dance students attended an After Prom at around midnight. There were plenty of activities and prizes students could win. The event lasted for a few hours and was the conclusion to the night.

“ After Prom was really cool with the obstacle course, bouncy castle, and they had cool door prizes,” Logan said.

By Grady Fultz



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