Rocket power

Hidden in the workshop in Tony Rainsberger’s classroom lies the hours of work the Rocket Team has put into building their rocket. The small group led by Rainsberger has spent around 140 hours over weekends and breaks building and perfecting their rocket for competition. Eli C., Logan M., Seth M., Jack R., Maddie M., Perry F., Chris S., Andrew C., Ian M., and Sam S. make up the team.

“We are in a rocket competition; the goal is to get the rocket to 800 feet in 43-47 seconds. There are two eggs in the rocket that have to not crack during the course of the flight,” Eli C. (12) said.

The team will have three qualifying flights, one in February, March, and April and from these flights they will submit their best flight in the hope for qualifying for nationals in May. With practice flights held every other week, and 5 or 6 practice flights total under their belts, the team believes qualifying for nationals is well within their grasp. “Based on our qualifying flights, I’d say we have a really good chance.” Eli C. said.

“I think we’re ahead of the curve,” Logan M. (12) said. Rocket Team is relatively new at Oakwood. “We don’t have as much experience as other teams [but] we have a lot of equipment the other schools aren’t lucky enough to have.” Logan M. said.

The team acquires most of the parts for their rockets online and some of it is custom made. The equipment they have in the shop helps them refine and put together their rocket for competition. Right now they are on their fourth rocket. “We go through rockets pretty fast,” Perry F. (12) said.

Rocket Team has provided much for its members, “It’s fun and we all work really well together [and] it’s a résumé builder,” Perry F. said. He also added, “it’s been really cool leading up the [the competition] and watching the rocket evolve.”


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