Turnabout date changes

The date for Turnabout has been changed from Saturday, March 3, to Thursday, March 8. While the location (West Gym) and time (8-11 p.m.) stay the same, the date change has caused conflicted feelings amongst the student body.For senior wrestler Cameron W., the date change has been more of a blessing than a burden. He would not have been able to go otherwise due to the state wrestling match (in Columbus) that Saturday.“[The date change] makes it a lot better, […] I would have missed it because of wrestling that day,” Cameron W. said.At the same time, some students, such as junior Elle W., are opposed to the date change because it conflicts with their inter-school relationships.

“Now my boyfriend can’t come until halfway through the dance,” Ellie W. said.

Other upperclassmen could find conflict with the change as well, with the dance coming on a long weekend.

“[There are] a lot of seniors I know who had college visits planned for that weekend,” sophomore Drew K. said.

Student council advisers and high school teachers Heidi Steinbrink and Emily Sullivan will be chaperoning the dance until 9:30 p.m., but will be let off early because of meetings the next morning; parent chaperons will take over for the rest of the dance.

While the date was changed partly because of the wrestling match, the Speech & Debate national qualifiers are also that Saturday, causing enough conflict for the date change to occur.

Student council president Molly R. (12) says it is a “common misconception” that the date was changed because of decisions made by the council. The change, however, was petitioned for by the Speech & Debate team, and followed through with by “the administration.”

“The student council does the party, […] not the date,” Molly R. said.

With all conflict aside, the dance will be on Thursday, March 8, 2012, from 8-11 p.m. The theme will be “Under the Sea.”

– Grant Pepper

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