Student Council plays Cupid

“It was an interesting concept, because love isn’t always based on similarities,” Emily G (9) said. “Opposites can attract, and this survey didn’t take that into account. It was still fun to take, though.” While many students wondered at the purpose of the questions, most found them entertaining enough to repeat aloud.

Giggles, complaints, and jokes were just some of the reactions of Oakwood students over the Matchmaker co. survey given out the week of Jan. 23rd by the Junior class.

“I laughed multiple times during the survey,” Sam S. (10) said. “It was hard to take it seriously.”

Sponsored by student council, the questionnaire was suggested as “purely entertainment” for students grades 9-12.

“It was a funny thing,” Stormi H. (10) said. “I loved the ‘how many colors are in the rainbow’ question. It had an entertaining answer about a leprechaun.”

Some of the questions included, “If you were an animal, what would you be?” and “How would you get someones’ attention?” with responses such as, “a cement bug” and “doing the worm in the hallway”.

“It doesn’t really apply to be because I have a boyfriend.” Katie M. (11) “But it’ll be fun to see who I get, though.”

Junior class advisor Kelly Colson recalled completing a questionnaire much like the one given out to Oakwood students in her high school days, remembering it as a fun experience. While it is purely entertainment, the outcome, she referred to as a “fun fundraiser”.

The results of the survey are expected to be received from Matchmaker Co. around Valentine’s day for timeliness. It was chosen out of many options, including a friendship survey and others. Results are based on the amount of common answers with other surveyors. The list will include the top 16 results in their class as well as the top 16 results from fellow peers in the entire school.

“I’m sure people will be curious enough to see their match. It should be profitable,” Colson said.

For only $2, students will be able to purchase their results. Profits from the survey will contribute to the funds of the Jr. Student Council. According to Jr. Class President Ben, the brunt of the funds collected from the survey will go towards the 2012 prom.

– By Megan Reynolds

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