Happy holidays

With near 66% of the residents of Oakwood belonging to a Christian based religion, according to city-data.com, It would be a stretch to say that we belong to a diverse community. Still, our slight lack of variation has little effect on our political correct nature. It is still considered polite to say “Happy Holidays” rather than “Merry Christmas” to accommodate to many religions.

The usual purpose for the coined term “Happy Holidays” is said to not favor any religious holiday that takes place during the month of December. As a society we’ve become so centered around an anti-bias of culture and religion that we find it best to ignore them rather than embrace the difference. In Oakwood, although we might not be that diverse, we are no exception to the unspoken rule.

A positive of specific holiday greetings such as, “Happy Hanukkah” or, “Merry Christmas” in the school place is that it exposes our youth to different religions and cultures,

“If you teach kids tolerance and religions, that’s the best way to wash away ignorance.” Said Natalia Cervantes (11). “In a way, this is how brainwashing starts, by teaching kids that they can only say Happy Holidays.”

Another argument is that, in Oakwood, we all know everyone. Anyone we want to wish a season’s greetings to we already know.

“We live in Oakwood,” said David Mudry (10). “ We live in such a small demographic that we’re not going to walk up to our friend, who we know is Jewish, and wish them a Merry Christmas if we know it offends them.”

The Holidays are a time for celebrating, not for getting offended by greetings meant to be a kind gesture. While using a greeting that can apply to all Holidays is an efficient way of avoiding offending few, there is still little reason to make mountains out of mole hills. It’s a season to be joyful, not picky. Seasons Greetings, everyone!

Cutline: People everywhere are gearing up to celebrate the Holidays this 2011 season,

“It’s going to be great.” said Natalia Cervantes(11), “It’s time to just enjoy the holidays!”

This year the Oakwood High school break will begin on December 16th and officially end on January 3rd.

– Megan Reynolds

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