“Breaking Dawn” review

The long awaited marriage of Bella and Edward in the beloved Twilight Saga finally comes to the movie screen in Breaking Dawn. After their beautiful wedding in Forks, Washington, Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) experience tests to their marriage only a few weeks after they tie the knot.The unexpected pregnancy of a half vampire-half human baby, Renesmee, sends the characters into a panic to save Bella from the baby draining her life away. The book was so filled with detail and excitement it was difficult to replicate the same amount of emotion onto the screen. However, there was no problem relating to the problems faced in the movie. This made it easy to really connect with the characters, even in their fanatical world.The acting was not magnificent and often times the dialogue between Bella and Edward left the audience hoping the scene would end. The birthing scene, graphic in the book as well, was excessively disturbing and caused many viewers to hide their eyes in disgust.

Breaking Dawn was a great idea and, though not comparable to the book, attracted a lot of attention. The movie was an adequate replication of the book, and the actors did seem to have the chemistry that Edward and Bella do in the books. With better acting this movie could be a lot more successful.


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