“Anything Goes” cast list

Billy Crocker – Steven Hix
Reno Sweeney – Hayley Penchoff
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh – Shadow Woolf
Hope Harcourt – Cara Mumford
Moonface Martin –  Joel Thompson
Bonnie – Tiffany Loftus
Elisha J. Whitney – Adam Koenig
Mrs. Harcourt – Paige McDonald
Captain – Dan Fecher
Purser – Laura Walters
Steward – Will Hix
Reporter – Kate Gordon
Photographer – Rachel Fisk
Ching – Michael Hall
Ling – Natalia Cervantes
Bishop Henry T. Dobson – David Mudry
Sailor 1 – Addison Caruso
Sailor 2 – Nathan Kiel
Purity, an Angel – Rachel Ramey
Chastity, an Angel – Anna Johnsen
Virtue, an Angel – Abby Coyle
Patience, an Angel – Annie Bartlett
Faith, an Angel – Hayley Sunshine
Girl I – Micaela Grace
Girl II – Megan O’Connell
Girl III – Ingrid Hofeldt
Drunk – Anthony AndersonS.S. American Passangers:
Anthony Anderson, Destiny McCoy, Sophie Shephard, Katherine Anderson, Emily Gould, Ren Long, Tristin Smith, Alexa Coon, Taylor Morrissey, Megan O’Connell, Jordan Rodebeck, Ingrid Hofeldt, Nicole Bucio, Margaret Snider, Katie Taylor, Mackie Keller, Chloe Gump, Rachel Bloom, Molly Jackson, Sheelagh Jackson, Katy Guerrero, Sarah Reymann, Kristen Ramey, Megan Cleary, Juliana Huizenga, Laura Chase, Micaela Gerace, Oskana Cerny, Victoria OrdermanSpecial Dancers:

Destiny McCoy, Alexa Coon, Margaret Snider, Sheelagh Jackson, Sarah Reymann, Juliana Huizenga


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