No whimsical winter for OHS band

The OHS band has marched its way across fields to find a strong response and positive feedback. At football games, their performance provided more of an attraction than the actual games. With a roster including songs from Lady Gaga and LMFAO, the band was highly successful.

“I think the reason the marching season went so well is because we focused more on the fundamentals,” Rachel Fisk, 10, one of approximately seventy-five members, said.

But now, after this success, what is the band’s next endeavor?

The band now prepares for its concert band season, and the winter concert is scheduled for January 25th.

“[The winter concert] is a different side of the band,” Zack Halpern, 10, said; “The marching season was not only to show what we can do but also for entertainment; the concert part is more about showing our capabilities in a more focused atmosphere.”

“It is a big change,” Natalie Daniels, 10, said. “During the marching season it was much more dramatic; with the masks and our uniforms, we were more dressed to entertain and give a show. With concert band, though, we provide more of a serious experience, in part with our uniforms and the pieces we play.”

Some upcoming pieces include March of the Belgian Paratroopers, La Belle Helene, and excerpts from the Wizard of Oz, all in high contrast to the more current pop songs played during marching.

Said Halpern,“regardless of whether people recognize the piece, I think they’ll enjoy it”.


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