Achieving the distance

Intensely Pensive: The varsity cross country boys huddle together, preparing for their meet as a team. They went on to great success at state, all placing within the top 100.

Sprinting, sweating and pushing for the finish line, the Oakwood cross country boys finished strong at the state meet on Nov. 5. The boys placed 11th, achieving the highest state record in Oakwood cross country history.Losing their fastest runners Josh Moulton, Andy Lamb, and Keith Mueller last year, the boys entered this season with little hope and determination.  However, they soon stepped up their game and drove themselves harder each week, running a total of 1,000 miles together over the season. Perfecting their skills and building their speed, the boys acquired great depth.“The boys’ greatest strengths this year were their incredible depth and positive attitudes; they were all extremely hardworking,” cross country coach Mr. Ammer said . This attitude carried the boys throughout their season and brought them all the way to state.

While the three fastest runners graduated last year, each boy this season vastly improved his dexterity and proficiency.

“The season was a massive success. It was everything I could’ve wanted and so much more,” said captain Steven Hix (12) of his last cross country season.

Proud of each fellow cross country member, Hix believed the team achieved a noteworthy season and an outstanding representation of their skill at state.

Along with the cross country boys, two girls qualified from their team to go to state. Katherine Anderson (12) and Erin Kennedy (10) both achieved their goal of participating at the state meet.

With a great end to their season, the cross country boys proved their hard work and dedication throughout their training at the state meet. Each boy finished within the top 100 runners, an incredible achievement.


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