Money Survey Results

A recent survey on money related issues was conducted. The majority of the respondents (80%) were high school seniors. We included all comments as they were written.

Here are the results:

School Spending:

How much money do you think Oakwood spends per student compared to the Ohio average?

The participants of the survey overwhelmingly said that Oakwood spends much more per student than other schools. However, this is not true according to the Oakwood City Schools Treasurer's office.

We asked the participants why  they chose their particular answer.

Here are a few of the more thoughtful responses:

“Knowledge of previous investigations by the Dayton Daily News, etc.”

“We have lots of old equipment and uniforms and our facilities are some of the worst in SWBL”

“I chose this because Oakwood has higher taxes meaning we put more money into our public school system…that’s why I think we spend more on each student, probably because we CAN”

“In Sociology I learned that the city of Dayton is spending more money per student than Oakwood is. Many Ohio schools have problems with getting students motivated, so they just spend more money on them. This is not an issue at Oakwood, although we do have expensive equipment such as the laptops and the language lab.”

“Contrary to popular belief, most of us aren’t all that rich. therefore, we spend about the same as the average ohio student. (but our parents probably do pay for more of our stuff than average)”

“Oakwood has modern classroom technology.”

“Look at our school, then look at other schools in the area, ours is nicer.”

We also asked students what the school should increase funding for. The responses varied from general to very specific:


“new field hockey field, bathrooms, and lights so that our games dont get cut short”

“Better accomodations for the music departments.”


“Better teachers. Honestly, hiring first and second year teachers? come on oakwood, if you want your students to succeed you need successful teachers as well.”

“Cross Country team, because it’s is clearly the supreme team of the school that currently has little to no funding and publications”

“The high school musical.”

“Teacher salaries.”

“Dunno, we just don’t need any more unncessary technology.”


“Engineering and science”

“less technology and more money on text books and summer reading books.”

“A pole vault pit, we are the track teams most successful event and we are the only event that does not have a place to practice.”

“soccer. it seems to be that football gets more spent on them then any other sport”

“Varying the curriculum – more types of classes”

“Keeping Extracurriculars.”

Student Spending:

About how much money per month do you spend on the following things?

Food was overwhelmingly the biggest destination for participant's money.


Are you employed or seeking employment?

Most of the participants have not had trouble finding a job despite the poor economy.

We asked respondents what there experience has been in finding a job. Many of them got a job through their connections:

“pretty easy. those who say it’s hard are looking in the wrong places for jobs. just mow lawns or work for a place like bellyfire.”

“Applied to one place and got the job because I knew a person who worked there.”

“Easy, previous tennis coach asked me to work.”

“It took a little while but persistance is the key.”

“sent in app, got job next week”

“Its been kind of weird because the only reason I got both of my jobs is because my mom knew them.”

“They were from my neighbors/people I already knew, so fairly easy.”

“I havent had much trouble. Haven’t been without a job since freshman year”


How much affect do you think the creation of a lacrosse team would have on participation in other spring sports?

Participants said that participation in other sports would be somewhat affected by the creation of a lacrosse team.

We asked participants their opinion on the creation of the lacrosse team. The comments were mainly positive:

“I think that would be a good thing”

“sweet!! i’d watch the games! if there was a girl’s team i would play”

“I think participation on the baseball team would decrease”

“If you can field a team, go ahead.”

“I’m all for it. If enough people join it should get just as much of the sports budget as any other team.”

“It would be unnecessary because the kids in Oakwood who already play Lacrosse play Lacrosse in a Dayton team. ”

“It would probably hurt baseball the most. The track team is huge. It could probably survive the hit.”

“I think lacrosse would be a great addition to Oakwood’s spring sports. Also there are a lot of students who already play lacrosse for club teams so we would be starting with some pretty experienced players. It’s also a growing sport, especially in the Ohio valley. It’s a great spectator sport too so it would attract lots of students!”


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